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Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas,Large Wall Art, Gold Leaf, Wall Decor, Original Painting

This picture is ORIGINAL. READY TO SHIP.

“Flow of Desires” is a work in which the artist depicts a whirlwind of emotions and aspirations. Bright colors and fluid shapes can symbolize a variety of desires intertwining and forming a dynamic flow. The painting contains abstract elements that create a feeling of weightlessness and constant movement, reflecting the flow of human desires in the endless flow of time.

Signature front and back.

* Name: Abstract “Flow of Desires” 2019
* Painter: Julia Kotenko
* Size: 47" x 40" (120x 100 cm)
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas,gold painting, gold leaf
* Style: Modern, Abstract
*Rolled and shipped in a solid tube
*Free shipping